Athletes sport the best bodies around, but a fit physique doesn’t always feel as good as it looks. Achieving optimal muscle strength and executing precise moves repeatedly put a lot of stress on your joints, ligaments, cartilage, bones, and other tissues. Athletes who enter competition with compromises like these are at high risk for sports injuries.

Massage therapy — specifically sports massage — targets tight, damaged, or fatigued tissues and gets them game-day ready.

Dr. Dana Robinson specializes in several types of massage therapy and has helped many athletes prepare for and recover from their athletic events. If you’re an athlete looking for a drug-free competitive advantage, here’s when and why you should consider professional sports massage.

Get a sports massage before your competition

You spend countless hours practicing, lifting, and visualizing to perfect your athletic performance, but injury is the great equalizer. If you push too hard or overwork or underwork certain muscle groups, one wrong move can sideline you for a game, a season, or a lifetime.

Tense, tight, inflamed muscles put you at great risk for injury and handicap you before you ever step on the field or court. Dr. Robinson uses expert sports massage to reduce any built-up inflammation, warming and loosening your muscles before your competition, giving you a distinct advantage over others who play hurt, hobbled, and sore.

Sports massage also enhances your performance by increasing your range of motion and flexibility so you can execute smooth passes, fluid throws, and long strides.

In addition to the physical benefits of sports massage, you also gain the advantage of a calm, relaxed mind that’s able to focus on the competition and handle the intensity without detriment.

Get a sports massage after your competition

The high level of stress your body endures in an athletic competition produces trauma and inflammation in your tissues. At a time when your body needs all the extra energy it can muster to heal these tissues, your supply is low because you’ve just expended it all in competition.

Massage therapy provides that energy at the cellular level by promoting the growth of new mitochondria — the powerhouse of the cell. This accelerates healing in your torn and taxed tissues, increases circulation, reduces swelling, speeds recovery, slows your heart rate, levels your blood pressure, and feels really good!

Get a sports massage in the off-season

Don’t wait until you’re injured to take advantage of sports massage therapy. Professional athletic teams value sports massage so highly that many of them even employ full-time therapists to keep their athletes in top playing condition, offering at least an hour of massage therapy every week.

If you’re not an elite athlete on a pro team and can’t afford the luxury of a weekly massage, do your best to schedule a session as often as you’re able, even during the off-season. Most athletes train year-round and place stress on their muscles daily. Dr. Robinson can help you prevent injuries, including repetitive strains, through targeted massage techniques.

What type of athlete needs sports massage?

Sports massage is beneficial for athletes in any sport that stresses their muscles. Dr. Robinson customizes your sports massage to correlate with your specific activity, gently rubbing, pulling, stretching, and kneading your tissues to release lactic acid and other toxins that can create tight and painful knots.

Whether you’re new to a sport, an amateur athlete, or a seasoned pro, you can benefit from sports massage therapy. Ask Dr. Robinson about the ideal schedule for your level of competition and your specific sport. To schedule an appointment, call us or request one online today.

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